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Our Promise

At The Amazing Chickpea, we’re committed to providing safe, healthy snack alternatives to families. We stand behind our products and our ingredients. We also stand behind you – our community, our neighbors; our fellow parents, friends, families. Just as we promise to offer the best quality products possible to sustain your families, we promise to give back to our communities. By supporting our business, you’re helping us continue to give back.

Thank you.


Crazy Green Society is an organization based in Saharanpur, India (The Amazing Chickpea’s founder, Sunil’s, hometown) which is organized to help society, to help Nature and to help the Nation. Its members want to work for education, for medical facilities and for the environment. Over the last five years they started project UDAAN, in which they searched a society of rag pickers in Saharanpur and learned about the reasons why the children didn’t go to school. After one month study of their lifestyle and about their free time they designed a program to educate them and make schooling a possibility.