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Amazing Chickpea Chocolate Chickpea Dipper Box Recipe K-12

Amazing Chickpea Chocolate Chickpea Dipper Box Recipe K-12

Entree, Box, Charcuterie Board, Chocolate Chickpea, 1 each

Lunch Entree

Ingredients                                                                                     Quantity

M/MA, Chickpea Butter, Chocolate, 1.25 oz cup, Dry, 72/cs                         1 portion cup

M/MA, Cheese, Mozzarella, Low Moisture Part Skim, String, 1 oz, Cooler,     1 stick 360/cs

Whole Grain, Pretzels, Heartzels, 0.7 oz bag, Dry, 104/cs                           1 bag

Whole Grain, Cracker, Graham, 1 oz bag, Dry, 200/cs                                1 package

Vegetable, R/O, Baby Carrots, Fresh, 4/5#                                              2 2/3 oz.

Vegetable, Other, Celery, Sticks, Fresh, 5#                                              2 2/3 oz.

Fruit, Strawberries, Whole, Fresh, 8/1#                                                   2 2/3 oz.

Fruit, Apple, Slices, Bulk, Fresh, 5/2#                                                     2 oz.

Milk, Skim, fluid, 8 oz carton, Cooler, 50/cs                                              1 carton

Preparation Instructions

HACCP Process: #1 - No Cook

1.  Food prep areas, Equipment, and utensils, to be used in recipe will be washed and sanitized prior to beginning the preparation and cooking. Assemble all ingredients, utensils, etc. to be used in recipe within easy reach of prep area so that food safety can be managed more effectively as well as better control of contamination and cross contamination.


2.  Remove product from refrigerator using oldest pack date first.


CCP: Wash hands thoroughly before handling food, after handling contaminated food or objects, and before switching to another step where there is an opportunity for contamination. Replace gloves after handling any other object.


3.  Wash all raw fruits and vegetables thoroughly before combining with other ingredients including:


Unpeeled fresh fruit and vegetables that are served whole or cut into pieces.

Fruits and vegetables that are peeled and cut to use in cooking or served ready-to-eat.

4.  Wash fresh produce vigorously under cold running water or by using chemicals that comply with the 2001 FDA Food Code. Packaged fruits and vegetables labeled as being previously washed and ready-to-eat are not required to be washed.


5.  Remove any damaged or bruised areas. Cut celery into sticks and apple into slices, if not pre-cut.

6.  Assemble charcuterie board box using the following items: 1 Chocolate Chickpea Butter Cup

1 String Cheese

1 bag of Graham Crackers 1 bag of Heartzel Pretzels

1/2 cup Baby Carrots (using a 4 oz spoodle)

1/2 cup Celery Sticks (approximately 6 - 4" x 1/2" sticks) 1/2 cup Strawberries (using a 4 oz spoodle)

1/2 cup Apple Slices (using a 4 oz spoodle) 1 carton of Skim Milk

CCP: Ensure cold food is held at a temperature below 41° F.


7. Offer students 1 Charcuterie Board Box.


CORRECTIVE ACTION COLD FOOD: Any food item being served cold must be maintained at or below 41. In the event the temperature of the cold item rises above 41 it must be returned to a refrigerated or frozen atmosphere and temperature reduced to 41 or below.


CCP: Record time and internal temperature of completed recipe on daily log.


Charcuterie Board Box Serving Size: 1.00 box Yield: 1.00

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 box

Serving Weight 613.689 gm

Amounts Per Serving


677.946 kcal

Total Fat

22.132 gm

Saturated Fat

7.517 gm

Trans Fat

0.000 gm


25.000 mg


738.233 mg


926.000 mg*


93.375 gm


11.404 gm


44.548 gm


27.232 gm


5.613 mg*


390.991 mg*

Vitamin A (IU)

11528.119 iu*

Vitamin C

87.522 mg*

Vitamin D

2.000 mcg*

Saturated Fat % of Calories


* = Indicates missing Nutrient


^ = Indicates user added nutrient.






Meal Components


2 Oz Of Meat/Meat Alternates 1 Oz (Eq) Of Whole Grain-Rich 1 Cups Of Fruits

0.5 Cups Of Red/Orange

0.5 Cups Of Other

1 Cups Of Nonfat Unflavored Milk

1 Oz (Eq) Of Whole Grain-Rich Based Desserts


Soy, Wheat,

Milk (from cheese & milk)





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